Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I Am a Didact

di · dact [dahy-dakt]

a didactic person; one overinclined to instruct others.

I am a didact, but I figure that first I need to complete my own instruction. I'm working on my PhD in Computer Science and trying to finish by the end of next summer. I hope this blog will help me in my final push to finish the research and write my dissertation. Many of you will find this blog incomprehensible, which is OK, because I'm writing it for me. I have a hard time writing coherently for two reasons: one, because it is very difficult for me to write in a train of thought style and edit afterward; two, because I have collected a tremendous amount of information toward this endeavor and I don't see where to start or how to organize everything. I figure that if I write a little every day, I can collect my thoughts more consistently and get better at writing. EOF

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